The Lockly Vision Elite is a video doorbell and smart door lock that retails for $499. The system includes 3D fingerprint scanning, a custom PIN Genie touch keypad, and remote lock/unlock. It also has features to help you manage your lock history and share temporary electronic keys. It also has a physical keyhole for added security. It can also work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Its design makes it ideal for houses with limited doorbell wiring and limited space. Its video camera is integrated and records video footage in 1080p resolution. The device also includes a 32GB microSD card for storage of recorded video. While this system is a great option, it may not be ideal for all homes.

Lockly is known for making innovative smart home security products. The company has been making these devices for over 25 years and has patented several of them. The Lockly Vision Elite is the company’s successor to the Lockly Vision, which was widely praised by consumers. The new lock offers better video quality than its predecessor, with 1080p video resolution, a wide vertical viewing angle, night vision of up to 15 feet, and voice assistant support. It also allows you to stream video in real time to your smart device.

The Lockly Vision Elite fingerprint reader is integrated into the device. The fingerprint reader is located on the right side of the lock. It can hold up to 99 fingerprints, and it also has a physical key as a failsafe. This fingerprint reader makes it ideal for businesses. If you want the ultimate security and convenience for your home, the Lockly Vision Elite is the right choice for you.

The Vision Elite has a fingerprint sensor, an adjustable solar panel, and a small doorbell button. It can be controlled with a curly app and a plug-in hub. The camera has two-way audio, a Video Doorbell component, and it works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

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