Through comparative analysis, executives seeking a competitive advantage, researchers puzzled by complex social phenomena or policymakers trying to find an effective strategy will all gain better insight into opportunities and what kinds of decision-making will nudge some ahead while stopping others in their tracks.

Launch a comparative analysis by clearly outlining this in the introduction. This will keep you on task during analysis and help you to avoid repeating yourself.

User-Friendly Operating System

Macs are known for being easy to use. Their operating system has been designed with user friendliness in mind, and they are constructed with good quality materials which allow them to last longer, as well as working well throughout their lives.

A graphic designer needs a powerful computer with full of processor and graphics card to run more than one program at the same without any lag or freezing issues. Mac computers have a strong processor and graphics card, so graphic designer can jump from one program to other program without any lag or freezing issues. It’s a graphic designers please.

People who works as graphic designers need the computers which could provide fast access to their projects, work easily and speedily on them and render the results or products delivered on time. Due to these important factors and features, most graphic designer like to use Macs for their work. However, in recent years the PCs show a considerable improvement in quality, power and stability. Furthermore, most graphic design software available for both platforms so that in theory regardless of your computer, the operating system should not matter. Moreover, PCs cheaper than Macs, which provide almost similar features and specifications. That’s why even for the people working as graphic designers, cheaper PCs could be considered as the better computer.

Less Expensive

Mac computers have not only a sleek design but also bulk of highendhardware for design studios, for a reason. Most recently launched Apple devices have high-powerful processors and a lot of RAM to run many design applications at the same time so as not to slow down users’ speed in working.Thus, designers can work on multiple projects at one time that leads to a quicker completion of these projects.

Software such as Photoshop or Final Cut Pro for graphics and video editing is only available on Macs, as well as user experience and ecosystem benefits of Macs makes them popular with designers.

This is in part because more designers are leaving a Mac-only mindset, and part of that is because they are picking up PC laptops. The practical differences between the two are shrinking quickly, all the more so because Microsoft Windows is used worldwide, meaning that designers have access to more programmes on that platform.

Better Approachability

It has one of the clearest and best-quality screens of all computers (I don’t have the iMac as my main computer, but I work on it quite frequently and it is lovely) so it is one of the better choices if you are a graphic designer, or are new to using computers and want easier to use environment.

Furthermore, an iMac is a good option for anyone who plans to use other Apple products, as everything works beautifully across all Apple devices. Yes, perhaps PCs might be easier to use – especially if you need to try different software – and run the gamut of Windows and Linux OS.

Moreover, iMacs are less likely than PCs running Windows to be infected from a virus, so can be used without fear of infection – a boon if you have any concerns about security, especially at work.


While Apple computers are known for their elegant design, this has let to the idea that macs are more safe then PCs. In reality, it depends not just of you, your likes and preference, but also of what you know of, say windows or mac.

So the graphic design software you normally can pick without worry, it will work with the same quality on both Macs and PCs. With Adobe products, because they have been so refined, and developed the user interface specifically for each platofrm, you will get quality Mac design or PC design, whichever you choose.

Nonetheless, for a job that requires graphic designing that calls for responsibiilty and maximum output, especially when working with multiple hardware accessories, I recommend buying a desktop PC with as many ports and connectors to accommodate whatever you will use for design work. This way, they won’t be interrupted by faulty hardware or pre-installed bloatware. Not to mention viruses, which rely on viruses and malware that can infect your machine.

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