Exploring Edge Computing: Bringing Computing Power Closer to the Source

Autonomous driving and traffic control require ultra-low latency to provide safe, timely decisions. Edge computing enables this processing at its source rather than depending on centralized cloud analyses for results delivery. Local servers can process raw data in a remote LAN and only send relevant results to the cloud or primary data center, helping protect sensitive information while meeting data […]

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare – Transforming Diagnosis and Treatment

No matter if you shop on Amazon or answer customer service inquiries at your bank, artificial intelligence is at work behind the scenes. AI is also revolutionizing healthcare. Still, AI adoption in healthcare remains challenged, including issues surrounding patient privacy, training AI to recognize patterns in medical data and integrating it with existing IT systems. Complementary innovation such as making […]

Emerging Tech in Healthcare – Revolutionizing Care

Today’s healthcare industry stands at an impasse. Representing an industry worth $2 trillion, healthcare is grappling with high costs and red tape while simultaneously searching for ways to increase quality and efficiency. Technology is revolutionizing healthcare delivery, offering benefits at every step of a patient’s journey from education to research. These breakthroughs will have an effect in 2023 and beyond. […]