Elon Musk has a lot to answer for. The billionaire CEO of Tesla Motors, SpaceX, and other tech companies has always chased sci-fi-like visions. He’s fast-forwarded the electric car industry and launched rockets into space. What next? If we have an inkling, Musk wants to use Twitter to help other companies.

Musk owns roughly 10% of Twitter. But he’s also criticized the service’s reliance on advertisers and complained about its restrictions on free speech. He’s also said he won’t let the company turn into a “hellscape.” It’s also worth noting that he was vague about his intentions for the acquisition for several months, until Twitter sued him and made it official.

Musk has not revealed the details of his new strategy, but it will certainly have an impact on the way users interact with the platform. One major issue he’ll have to address is the problem of bots. These are accounts that post spam and inauthentic content. Twitter says that they represent less than five percent of the total number of accounts, but Musk believes it’s closer to twenty percent. This is his legal justification for reversing the deal with Twitter.

A key part of Musk’s strategy is to protect the right of people to speak freely. The CEO has argued that having a digital town square where people can debate is essential for the future of civilisation. He’s also opposed to censorship that goes beyond the law. In this regard, he’s committed to ensuring that Twitter remains a free and open platform for people to express their opinions.

Aside from a new policy that protects free speech, Musk also announced a new content moderation council that would consist of diverse viewpoints. Once the council is formed, controversial figures like Katie Hopkins and Donald Trump will no longer be able to speak on the platform. Musk said that letting Trump back on Twitter would likely attract right-wing incendiaries and disinformation merchants. As a result, the CEO’s team is investigating the code of the social media site and asking questions about certain aspects of the site.

Musk has also hinted that he plans to make Twitter ad-free. The X Subscribers product is supposed to be ready in 2025. While the number of tweets per person today might not reach nine million, Musk says it would have surpassed that number by then. As the company grows, Musk’s plans for Twitter are more ambitious. He wants Twitter to become a $10 billion company by 2028. But this would require massive growth in users. Musk has estimated that Twitter will have 600 million users in 2025 and 931 million users by 2028.

Musk’s plans have left Twitter employees nervous about his future plans. He has already fired two executives and reshuffled the board. Twitter is also facing pressure to cut more people. As a result, he has fired the CEO, CFO, and policy head.

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