What Is an Internet Service Provider?

In simple terms, an Internet service provider is an organization that provides internet access. Originally, telephone companies were ISPs due to dial-up internet. As DSL technology and cable broadband technologies began to become more popular, telephone companies diversified into ISPs as well. Cable television companies also began offering internet services alongside television service. As these providers expanded, they were able […]

How to Speed Up Internet on a Laptop

You might be wondering how to speed up internet on a laptop. Often, the problem isn’t your router, cables, or software. Here are a few tips to check your connection. You can also perform a free internet speed test. You can find your download, upload, and latency speeds at speedtest.net. To get the fastest speed possible, you should run this […]

How Does the Internet Work?

How does the Internet work? It’s a huge network made up of devices connected by physical cables, such as copper telephone wires and fiber optic cables. While wireless connections are possible, they rely on physical cables to reach the network. Computers send requests over these cables to websites stored on servers. These servers act like hard drives, retrieving information and […]