Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual Reality (VR) is an immersive experience created using a headset to simulate an environment and is used for entertainment, productivity and telepresence purposes. Virtual Reality is most often associated with video games. It provides an immersive, realism experience that surpasses 2D screens and the headset can track head movement to help navigate within VR environments. 1. Immersive Experience VR […]

The Rise of Virtual Reality How It’s Transforming the Digital World

VR allows you to see and feel the world around you without leaving your house. It has several benefits including entertainment, education, conferencing and training. VR offers a realistic simulation of dangerous situations for practical training, such as firefighters, pilots and astronauts. It also reduces cost and shortens training timeframes. 1. Entertainment Virtual reality seeks to create a realistic three-dimensional […]

AI Ethics – The Fine Line Between Assistance and Autonomy

NDDCEL gives business leaders an invaluable opportunity to expand their understanding of this rapidly advancing topic and make connections with like-minded peers. Create an AI that is ethical requires more than simply adhering to certain ethical principles; it must also ensure the data used for training purposes is relatively unbiased. Furthermore, privacy must also be addressed. Ethics and AI AI’s […]